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About ANILU Couture


The Philosophy  


ANILU designs are ethereal and diaphanous, capturing the essence of femininity, in the form of mysterious fragility and innocent sensuality. Lace, spectacular embroidery, silky touch of natural materials, fluid lines, unique patterns merge into an eclectic, sensual and sophisticated universe.


The Story


Designed with love, cut with passion from delicate materials, exquisite embroidery and sheer emotion, a beautiful dream was born in 2014. The ANILU story, however, began much earlier, in the magic place of childhood, where almost every grandmother, mother or daughter knows how to sew by hand amazing traditional embroideries. It was there that the fascination for couture, art of tailoring and fine embroideries was firstly revealed and uncovered. 

In the quest of the ideal cut that highlights the silhouette and masks defects, through obsession for perfection and desire to make unique and timeless pieces, ANILU passionately masters the techniques of luxury tailoring, creating distinctive designs and celebrating femininity and sensuality. Every piece of clothing goes through the laborious stages required for creation: from the idea that evolves into a concept, the pattern draw and fabric selection, to manufacturing the first prototype, so that the final product is proudly worn by women all over the world.

With handcrafted statement garments, hand embroidered decorations, hand made embroideries and crochet lace adormnents, all ANILU designs are made using couture techniques and highly skilled manual work. The result is a unique and exquisite piece of clothing, that transcends styles and cultures, becoming a manifesto for the flawless couture products.


The Designer 


"Fashion has always been my first love. As a child, I could spend all my time drawing sketches, painting, sewing or mending clothes. I was lucky to grow up in the same magic place where the great sculptor Constantin Brancusi was born and created most of his iconic art. It's the place with one of the richest traditions and cultural heritages in Romania, where amazing etnhic embroideries are being made by hand for centuries.

I always knew I was born to design one of a kind outfits. But, at 19, I had another dream, which took me to the media scene, pursuing my tv and magazine editor career. It was my job to attend galas, fashion shows or high-class events and I couldn't find a gown that suited my age or style. That's when I began to create my own dresses and receive compliments for my unique designs. At first, I started out of necesity, drawing, cutting the patterns and sawing all dresses by myself, and the result amazed me too. Therefore, I decided to put all my heart and soul into growing my own fashion brand. 

My mantra is to create quality garments that can last years or even a lifetime. Slow fashion is about my personal relationship with fashion. One where trends and seasons don’t matter, where I can wear the same dress for more than one occasion, because it makes me feel so special and beautiful.

ANILU creations are founded on the idea that fashion is for life. That's why I always design timeless pieces that never go out of style." 


Couture Tailoring


Because every woman is different, but we all dream of wearing the perfect dress, ANILU offers its customers the Made To Measure concept. This way, you can order the garment you want, which will be tailored as indicated by you, to fit perfectly your figure. All you have to do is to tick the option Made to Measure, fill the form with your measurements and we will tailor it the way you want. 


Hand-made Embroidery


ANILU creates the finest authentic Romanian traditional blouses and dresses, 100% handmade and embroidered by hand on natural cotton fabric. Unique, feminine, seductive, the exquisite ethnic embroidered blouse is a valuable and sophisticated piece of art that does not lack in any fashionistas wardrobe. Inherited form generation to generation, from mother to daughter, for centuries, the process of creating authentic Romanian blouses is unique in the world and can last from several days up to weeks. The legendary Romanian craftsmen sew by hand the geometrical and floral motifs on what will end up to be a unique masterpiece. Therefore, the authentic ANILU blouse is made entirely by hand, just like in ancient times, handsewn with different types of hand stitches, using various colors and models, varying from a part of Romania to another, through a painstaking and lengthy process.  


Why choose a garment made #byANILU?


  • Enchantment: ANILU designs will make you look and feel feminine, vibrant, powerful and yet sensual and utterly irresistible.

  • Uniqueness: All ANILU creations are unique, handmade or limited edition, through an elaborate creative process, paying great attention to details and finishes.

  • Passion: Every ANILU piece of clothing is done with care, dedication and talent, by highly skilled professionals, in order to offer you a flawless high-end product. 

  • Natural or premium fabrics: ANILU is using hand-pick materials made from natural fabrics like cotton and silk or premium fabrics from selected suppliers.

  • Quality Control: We guarantee the quality of natural fabrics and superior finishes for all ANILU creations. If you are not happy with your pourchase, you can return the product within 14 days and get your money back.

  • Made To Measure tailoring: All ANILU designs can be customized upon request. All you have to do is select the Made To Measure option on the order page and fill in the form with your mesurements.

  • Free Worldwide Delivery: ANILU designs are shipped and proudly purchased by women all over the world: Europe, North and South America, Australia, Asia or Africa. 

  • Special Discounts: Our cusotomers benefit from discounts and special promotions. Subscribe to the newsletter to receive exclusive offers.





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